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Column fronts and wall units in lead met laminate; base units in piasentina stone laminate. The worktop is in piasentina stone laminate, to create a monochromatic monolith with a strong aesthetic impact with the fronts of the base units.
The folding work of the noir oak snack counter fixed above the worktop gives lightness to the kitchen peninsula, where it is possible to sit informally on the stool to have a meal or breakfast without setting the table, like at the bar

Choosing where to place the oven in the kitchen can pose some doubts. Usually the best position can be evaluated based on that of other functions, minimizing the obstacles to movement between the cooking area, the washing area and the appliances dedicated to storing food. The use of the suspended oven column jutting out from the worktop, adjacent to the cooking area, responds to all of this in the most comfortable and ergonomic way.