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It has been 30 years since Pisa University connected Italy to the Internet with a ping to Pennsylvania. In that day, Internet was only a network used for military aims and the Italian staff that made this travel of some bits had no idea of what happened in the future. It was a great goal for Italy, which was one of the first Europe nations connected to this technology innovation that today allows people to communicate and find information.

Astra wants to celebrate this anniversary with the publication of its new website, renewed in all of its components, from graphic layout to internal functionalities of the pages.

The responsive technology with which the website has been developed was not imagined on 1986 from Pisa University team. It allows watching the website on every device, from the biggest to the smallest, from the desktop to the mobile, to reach all the people in the world. In particular, everyone who connect to Internet with smartphone and tablet that nowadays are about 50% of online users.

The new Astra website collects all the kitchen collections, easy to browse from the foreground menu, divided according to their styles. Therefore, the users can find Design KitchensModern Kitchens and Classic Kitchens.

The Profile page shows the Astra history and modus operandi of the company for the making of the quality kitchens, with an eye to the environment. Scrolling down there is a section dedicated to the company showroom, visible also from home through the innovative Street View technology.

On the other sections of the menu, the user can see all the Contracts realized by Astra all over the world, know some information of the 3D graphic configurator for the environment design, download the catalogs and contact the company.

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